Long Term Care & Special Needs Planning

It is my pleasure to be actively involved in the legal attention and care of our senior citizens (Elders) and special needs individuals. The issues and challenges they face in today's world can be overwhelming. As changes occur in our health care system, Medicare, Medicaid, long term care and insurance, the issues they face are increasing. I find that many of my clients are confronted with many of these issues without warning. Many times, the adult children of my Elder clients are meeting me on behalf of their parent or loved one who is now unable to manage his or her affairs due to age, incapacity, illness or injury. Today, with the increasing onset of Dementia and Alzheimer's among other hardships, many Elders and their families are left scrambling for legal help. It is my goal to meet that need.

My services include providing the basic legal documents necessary to empower others to make their financial decisions (Durable Power of Attorney); medical decisions (Advance Health Care Directive); the release of protected health care information (HIPAA Authorization); and Wills and Trusts. My advanced services include evaluation and planning strategies for Medicaid benefits, long term care planning, asset protection, and estate planning along with a host of other potential solutions aimed at meeting my clients' specific needs.

There are many special needs individuals under 65 years of age who, while receiving government benefits come into resources or money (lawsuit settlement, inheritances or gifts) which would terminate their benefits. I provide special needs planning solutions that permit the disabled individual to keep those additional resources and yet maintain their government benefits.

I am an active member in ElderCounsel, a national organization of elder law specialists. It provides me with continuing legal education, ElderDocx™ a cutting edge software program for creating superior elder law and special needs legal documents. ElderCounsel provides a forum in which ideas and expertise on elder law and special needs are freely exchanged among elder care attorneys. As a member of ElderCounsel, and the support it provides to my practice, I am provided with the best in evaluation, planning, documentation and implementation tools to meet the needs of my clients.

Should you have any questions, please contact me to discuss any issues you may be facing. In most cases I offer a free initial consult. If there are services that I can provide we will then discuss the pricing for those services.

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